500+ GB in burst mode!

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500+ GB in burst mode!

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Hello, i think this is the best caching software! :D
Look @ pict (sorry, I used the phone to send it via Whatsapp), it shows the main disk activity during a long transfer from USB disk.
You can see a burst collection (USB HDD -> RAM L1 -> HDD cache) and NO activity on "Disco 1", SSD-L2.
Result, no useless data moved to L2, maximum transfer rate (38 MB/Sec continuous on a USB2) and ZERO lag on interaction with the computer.
Maximum burst peak 154 MB/Sec, medium 140 MB/Sec.
Setup is:
Dell XPS AIO 2720 (Core i7, 16 GB RAM, 2TB HDD)
SSD mSATA Samsung (internal mini PCIe) 32 GB
2 GB RAM for PrimoCache
Deferred Write 10 sec.

Thanks guys, next week I'll buy this fantastic software. :mrgreen:

Sorry for my bad english. :lol:
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Re: 500+ GB in burst mode!

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Thanks for feedback!
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