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More Detections

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:idea: Please, I come to this topic to ask you to please, please make the primocache detect and improve the networked disks, please! thanks, did you say please? thanks!
(the server operates Ubuntu 18.04)
I've been waiting for this day for years ... :oops:

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Re: More Detections

Post by Jaga »

If a network disk is mounted using iSCSI, it will be fully supported. Primocache works at the cluster/block level, so probably couldn't ever support a non-iSCSI disk. The way around that is to buy and install a copy of Primocache on the target network computer that serves the network disk to others, so that it's content can be cached.

Romex is considering Linux support, but there is no ETA on the horizon.

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Re: More Detections

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The working mechanism in network mapped drives is completely different from that in local or iSCSI drives. It is not so easy to support network mapped drives in PrimoCache. We have already addressed this request and will try to work out a solution for it. Thanks.
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