16Gb optane caching of sata SSD

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16Gb optane caching of sata SSD

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I bought some very cheap 16GB intel optane. Some will be used in a home servers - boot drives.
One I could actually use for what it is intended - a cache.
Presently I use primocache to cache games with a 1/2TB nand nvme. The games are on a NAS and acccesed using ISCSI.
It is working well.

I am upgrading from windows 10 to 11 at some point.
The nvme with windows 10 is going elsewhere.
I intend to buy a sata SSD, probably the MX500 500GB.
It is pretty decent for the price,

Comparing it to similar prices nvme, it has better warranties & TBW valies.

I did check this out already.

After searching, found out the random 4k QiT1 results in crystaldiskmark are about 160 MB/s.

That is better than a lot of expensive nvme drives.
My understanding is that is the bottleneck for OS drives.

It is for an OS, specifically windows 11.
I only use windows to game, and linux for all else.

So it will be a 16GB optane to a sata SSD using a read only cache with 4k block size.
My guess is it will make it much snapper.
I only use windows for games.
The applications used will be will be steam, epic, origin and such.

No games will be on the OS drive.

So who is doing the same thiing - or something similar?

If so what is the cache hit rate?

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Re: 16Gb optane caching of sata SSD

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Since no games are on the OS drive, if you only cache the OS drive with L2, the hit rate usually will be 85% or more.
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