Network Drive Support

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Network Drive Support

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Is there a possibility for some sort of network drive support? If not, is there a technical reason it is not supported? ... Does it have to do with the possibility of another system modifying the contents of the network share?

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Re: Network Drive Support

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Principles in network drives are completely different that in local drives. They are two things. So far PrimoCache can only support local drives.
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Re: Network Drive Support

Post by cichy45 »

You can install PrimoCache on PC where you have your shared disks. I have my network drive accelerated with primocache this way. PrimoCache is installed simply not on remote client, but on "server" (normal PC in my case).

As long as it is a windows machine obviously.

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Re: Network Drive Support

Post by horizon »

Sorry for stepping in but can you elaborate on your use case?

A few comments in the meantime:
  • On the client machine (while accessing fileshares): You might be interested in Windows Transparrent cache feature, which relies on Client Side Cache (CSC):
  • On the client machine (while accessing fileshares): You might want to prefill CSC using Offline Files feature and use them in Online Mode:
  • On the client machine (while accessing fileshares): In corporate environments, you might want to leverage CSC also by using Branchcache feature:
  • Of course, if you store CSC on Primocache-accelerated volume, it helps a little bit.
  • Of course, if the data needs to be fetched over the network and they are stored on server on Primocache-accelerated volume, it might help a bit as well.
  • Be aware that there are plenty of limitations, with no (easy) solution. (e.g. CSC does accelerate writes, if you (with offline files) end up in offline mode, you might also end up with the need to solve synchronization conflicts.)
Another product dealing with caching while accessing network reads (not only to UNC but also to Azure blobs) is CloudCache feature of FSLogix product. It's however a very special case as it's dealing with user profile redirection and assumes an exclusive access by the single user. Good discussion on CC is here.
Probably nothing that could help you but it would be nice in the future some FSLogix features/concepts available in PrimoCache. For example: Accelerating and improving resiliency of VHD file access. :)

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