Tiered L2 Cache

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Tiered L2 Cache

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I can't be the only one with this scenario:
I'm replacing my old system drive SSD with a fancy new super-fast NVMe SSD.

I'd like to be able to use a couple GB of the NVMe as a quasi L1 Cache and use my old SATA SSD as my L2 cache. There's a factor 5 in read/write speed and IOPS between the two, after all.

Unfortunately, PrimoCache as it is now doesn't seem to support this functionality.

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Re: Tiered L2 Cache

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Sorry, L1 cache has to be memory cache as memory cache and SSD cache have different characteristics.
For tiered L2 Cache, a workaround is to create a Windows dynamic volume by using multiple SSD devices and then use this dynamic volume as level-2 cache.
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