Time to Write & Value Reset

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Time to Write & Value Reset

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The data display for each cache is a great feature. But I see the Trimmed Blocks display - does not give any real useful information to me. I tried to understand the documentation very hard. But did not really help. How does it help to adjust my cache settings?

What I am missing is a time to write display (the left time) so that I get a feeling when the write cache will be flushed again.
I also would like to have a way to be able to reset all values. Now just a system restart helps or to delete the cache and to create it again.

But anyhow - it is a great piece of software.

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Re: Time to Write & Value Reset

Post by support »

Trimmd blocks: you're right. It is not very useful. Just to show how many writes to disk were saved by PrimoCache.
Reset button will be added in future versions.

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