L2 cache never gets written or used on reads

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L2 cache never gets written or used on reads

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I do a lot of heavy reads on slow hard drives (video editing) and almost no writing.

I have my L1 and L2 cache set to not have individual areas for read and write. However, I notice that nothing ever gets written to the L2 cache when I am reading from the HD. It will write to L1 cache and then later reads will be fast but nothing ever goes onto L2.

It will go onto L2 if I turn of L1 cache, but this seems silly. Is there a way to get both L1 and L2 cache to hold store data in cache while I am doing big reads?

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Re: L2 cache never gets written or used on reads

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PrimoCache populates data into L2 cache when system is idle in order not to affect other applications. The amount of data which are populated into L2 since boot is indicated by "L2Storage Write". You may also check "Free Cache (L2)" and if its value is less than "Level-2 Cache" size it means that L2 cache already have some data.
If you still have the problem, please upload a screenshot of the PrimoCache main dialog showing the cache configuration and statistics. Thanks.
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