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Use combined storage space

Post by bgidiere »

With Primocache is it possible to use the combined space of the HDD and the SSD. For example if I have a 1TB hdd and a .5TB SSD and I used the SSD as cache is it possible to have 1.5 TB of space.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Use combined storage space

Post by Jaga »

Simply put, nope. A cache mirrors certain frequently-accessed clusters from the drive it was told to cache, so there's no additive property to the space.

If you're looking for something that approaches this (but is far less of a "cache" per-se), Stablebit Drivepool has a "Pool SSD cache" feature that takes most recently written information and places it on a SSD for faster access, then later as new things are added the older items are moved off to the main pool.

In terms of speed, Primocache's cache is far superior. It's a matter of which way you want to approach it. Prices on SSDs aren't that high, so I usually opt for buying a larger caching drive for a L2 instead of a slower option.

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Re: Use combined storage space

Post by ferrari »

No the Amount dedicated to L2 cache can't be use as storage. I think with 1Tb to cache you only need 50-100gig L2 partition and the rest of the ssd can be dedicated to storage, leaving you with 1.4-45Tb storage.

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