Urgent / Normal Disk Writes question

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Urgent / Normal Disk Writes question

Post by xielvas »

I have been trying to adjust the l1/l2 cache to work optimally on my computer for a few day so I began a copy test to the only mechanical hdd I have.

L2 R/W 223Gb is shared, Deferred write is set to 30 or 60 seconds for the mechanical drive.
When the test begins the cache rate is 98%, the total write (disk) Urgent / Normal is showing a 1:8 ratio. The l1 free cache showing is 5.2Gb and the free l2 cache showing is 163.17Gb.

Is this a degraded ratio or acceptable for the system?

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Re: Urgent / Normal Disk Writes question

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Generally we shall avoid urgent writes. However, in 3.x version, when both L1 and L2 are used for defer-writing, L1 will do urgent writes when it is fully filled by deferred write-data even there are lots of free space in L2. So here "Urgent" value cannot tell anything about the performance. This behavior has been improved in 4.x version, where PrimoCache can transfer deferred write-data in L1 to L2. See https://forum.romexsoftware.com/en-us/v ... =32&t=4937.
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