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Basic concepts about writes

Posted: Fri Mar 19, 2021 6:09 am
by xinwei
1.Q: Would PrimoCache help with sustained write operations in excess of 40+GB and give me the kind of 300MB/sec performance I'm looking for during the entire write operation? (not just the first few GB like I have currently)
A: Yes. With Defer-Write, your writing performance should be improved. However, please note that a power outage or system failure might result in data loss or corruption because in such scenarios the cache has no chance to write data back to the disk.
2.Q: Read and write speed fluctuates very low
A: By default, L2 cache is set to cache read-data and speed up read access on HDD only. If you don't care the write worn on the SSD and want to speed up write performance, please see Q5 in FAQs ... e/faq.html
3.Q: If I am using PrimoCache to read/write cache my Windows 10 boot drive (C:) should the Windows write-caching policy on C: be enabled or disabled?
A: I recommend using Windows default settings.
4.Q: I enabled "Deferred-Write" and now it seems to be performing as I guess I would have expected it to. I thought "Deferred-Write" was only to implement a delay before writing, and if it wasn't enabled it would write immediately from RAM to SSD to HDD. But apparently not. Is this correct? Deferred-write needs to enabled to actually use the SSD as a write cache?
A: Yes, Defer-Write has to be enabled if you want to improve the write performance. Otherwise write requests have to wait till HDD completes the write. For more details about Defer-Write, please see ... on.html#dw
5.Q: So I had a power outage and my cache reset (L-2).Is that normal?should I turn off my L-1 cache because I don't want my boot drive to get corrupted
A: This is by design to avoid that cached data is inconsistent with source data. V4.x (now is alpha) is able to verify cache data instead of simply resetting the cache.If Defer-write is not enabled, PrimoCache will not corrupt your drive.
6.Q: Defered-write for gaming?
A: Please see viewtopic.php?f=33&t=4998
7.Q: Writing new files to a cached drive while offline
A: This is a typical "Offline Modification" scenario. Please see the "Potential Problem and Notice" section in the page ... cache.html