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The problems between L1 Cache and L2 Cache

Posted: Thu Mar 18, 2021 9:27 am
by xinwei
1.Q: Does the L1 cache get flushed to L2 cache before it finally gets flushed into the source/destination?
A: No, L1 is directly flushed to target disks. After flushed, these data are still kept in L1. In v4.x, PrimoCache add an option to allow flushing L1 to L2 when L1 is full and latency has not expired, but during normal flush (when latency expires), L1 is still directly flushed to target disks.
2.Q: Does having more Ram for l1 cache and nvme size help l2?
A: Generally speaking, bigger cache size, better performance. This is because with bigger cache size you can cache more data.Also L1 cache, as well as a bigger L2 always help. But how much they will help depends on your real scenario, for eg. how much data are often accessed.
3.Q: If data is in L1 cache but not in L2 cache and the program reads the data from the L1 cache, is that data also then stored on L2 cache via L2Storage Write?
A: Yes, PrimoCache will cache it into L2 when the system is idle.
4.Q: L1 caching for a L2 cache?
A: Please see viewtopic.php?f=33&t=4999