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Re: TRIM for SSD when SSD set as a cache

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Thank you offering help. But I really am quite aware of all configuration options and documentation. I've spent 2 days analysing the issue and possible causes.

I would appreciate a honest answer regarding the question if TRIM support is still planned and when to expect it.

I also typed a detailed answer explaining the tests I made, but somehow the post is gone and I'm to busy/lazy to retype it.
Let's just say that the results are conclusive.

This is the short version:
Basically the same scenario writing to the ssd does not choke it's write speed when using NTFS with TRIM. Also wiping the ssd with a secure erase alleviates the problem as Primocache L2 drive for a few write cycles till the data amount written passes the drives capacity. Overprovisioning the ssd by 50%, meaning leaving half the capacity unpartitioned and 50% of the capacity as L2 cache, also solves the problem and the write throughput stays steady.
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Re: TRIM for SSD when SSD set as a cache

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Thank you for the test and conclusion. This feature request is still open and on our todo list. However, I'm really sorry that I don't know when it will come out. We currently have a backlog of tasks. :(
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