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Licence pricing

Post by Jehu »

I've recently built a home server out of cheap components bought on ebay, based on S5000PSL, it totaled me around $300. I've tried Primo cache and Ram disk software together. It really gives this server a second life. However, when I decided to purchase Primo cache, I found that its price is almost half the price of my server, and if I include Ram disk, its almost the price of the server.
I wonder if it would be possible to make a non-commercial server version of the licence, for example? Maybe available only for windows server essentials edition and/or for at least 2 generations old hardware, and with a price tag somewhere in between of current desktop and server prices.

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Re: Licence pricing

Post by Jaga »

I agree - the server pricing on Primocache is a little daunting, especially for older retired or scrapped-together servers. It's one of the reasons I still run my file/media server on Windows 7 Pro. The cost to upgrade all the software (including a server copyof Primocache) was just too much. Mine is just serving media and files, not hosting a 500-cal license for access.

Unfortunately - those are the systems that need Primocache/Ramdisk the most. It's a catch-22 situation, and hopefully there are options Romex can offer. Maybe a "home server" pricing edition, which requires registration and payment through an individual and a home address.

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