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Thank you

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I helped in the beta testing of this excellent software before it was released as a commercial product, and have used it ever since, basically taking it for granted. The forum was a great place to both get help and learn, but it gradually died off a bit as Primocache grew from a child to a full fledged adult, and the bugs died off.
I rebuilt my PC recently, and after installing Windows 10, and all my software, (or so I thought), after a few days I felt it was sluggish, (even though I have three SSD and 20tb of hard drives, 24gb ram cpu @4.4gz), so proceeded to tweak etc. Only after messing for hours did I suddenly remember the invisible Primo. I reinstalled it, and once again back to "zing", so many thanks to Romex and their excellent software, staff, and all those who have continued to input into this forum over the years. This software is now easily in the top 5 of the most needed software on a PC in my opinion, even though they are getting faster all the time, there is still a place for Primocache.

Keep up the excellent work ;0)

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Re: Thank you

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We need a +1 emoticon. :D

Primocache is essential in my opinion.

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Re: Thank you

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Thank you all! :)
We'll continue improving the program, including its performance and user experience.
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