Encryption for L2 Cache

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Encryption for L2 Cache

Post by Wontell »

can you add some sort of encryption for L2?
I use bitlocker for my system, but files that cached to L2 are visible to all.
I tried to enable bitlcoker on the cache partition but windows 10 doesn't see it because it has no letter so its impossible to encrypt it.

Lets find a solution for it, i think the easiest solution will be if you have an option to give a Drive letter to the cache partition like Z and we will encrypt it with bitlocker and enable Unlock on boot.

Or you can encrypt cache yourself trough Primocache using some freeware available algorithm.

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Re: Encryption for L2 Cache

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Hi Wontell,

In Windows 10, PrimoCache stores encrypted data from drives that enables bitlocker to L2 cache. In Windows prior to 10, you need to use CLI to change the behavior. See
Primo Ramdisk | PrimoCache
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Re: Encryption for L2 Cache

Post by user4653453 »

old thread but, what does this mean exactly?
can i read about more specifics somewhere?
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