Limiting windows cache feature

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Limiting windows cache feature

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I use a small utility called SetSystemFileCacheSize and it's a command line app you can make a shortcut to and put in the startup group to set the min/max Windows cache size and works really well. I limit it to 256/512 and with a 4gig Primocache it made all the difference. If an option was added to do this in Primocache it would be really handy. Letting Windows cache run wild is frustrating, since of course it tries to get a hold of everything it can. Great job on the program, I finally got the settings dialed in for games and couldn't be happier.


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Re: Limiting windows cache feature

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Great! Thank you for your suggestion!
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Re: Limiting windows cache feature

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That utility has no function on newer versions of Windows 10.

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Re: Limiting windows cache feature

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I'll read it carefully and put it to use.


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