[Bug/Suggestion] Don't Purge after Trial

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[Bug/Suggestion] Don't Purge after Trial

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When the trial concludes it appears that PrimoCache purges the buffers of data. This behavior is undesirable.

The desired behavior is for PrimoCache to pause the tasks until activation.

Nothing can be more clear to a user than the product expiring, computer going slow, registering the product, computer returns to normal. The message is less impactful if the cache needs to be rebuilt (so computer slowly becomes faster vs returns to fast).

Background: I typically don't register a product until after a trial even if I own a key. I tinker too much that it is likely the computer will be wiped again before expiration.
Today I started up the computer and it was very very slow. I fired up PrimoCache only to find it had expired. After registration it required a computer restart.
During that restart, PrimoCache had a 7% hit rate rather than the normal 90%+ that I am used to.

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Re: [Bug/Suggestion] Don't Purge after Trial

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Thank you for the suggestion!

When the trial is expired, PrimoCache's driver won't function and cannot trace data to keep cached content sync to source data. So all cached data will be reset for safety.
As an improvement, I think we'll prompt users some days before trial expiration.
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