Feature Request: Multiboot caching

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Feature Request: Multiboot caching

Post by Nick7 »

Would it be possible to allow caching with multiboot?
More specifically, scenario when it could/should work:
Two OS's, each has installed primocache. Each has same L2 device and same target devices for caching.
This should be possible by using UUID's of devices, so same devices are checked&used for caching, and as target devices.
In situation some device is missing, write down a flag to cache device it should not be used, and in other OS that L2 should be purged.

While it would require some extra checks, this does seem like it would be perfectly doable.

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Re: Feature Request: Multiboot caching

Post by support »

I think this is doable, however, it introduces quite a lot of checks to avoid users' possible false operations and the program's current design doesn't suit for this feature. We have to evaluate and decide if it is worth.
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