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Prefetch Request

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I just installed the trial version of Primocache and it looks quite promising. What it lacks by my opinion is an algorithm to decide what to keep in Prefetch.
1) The algorithm should keep a log file of: files accesed, day of access, time of access and frequency of access.
After it collects 3weeks of data then it should dynamicly change his prefetch files.
First by day- not everyday a user is working on same applications (personally i do work)
Second by frequency of the last three days- in case user habbits have changed.
Third by time- Other tasks are being done in morning hours others in afternoon hours
Then it could sugest a caache size based on what it needs to cache+future space
So when the computer starts the prefetch will alter his contents based on these 3 factors and every hour too. This way the cached read ratio will get improved.

1a) Alternative if this seems too complicated, just add a feature the user can select folders and/or files.
For files just cache them on start, for folders monitor which files are been accessed and cache them on first use.

2) Also a feature when it flush write data on disk to been made on such a way to avoid future disk fragmentations would be extremelly usefull.

I hope ypu like my sugesstion and if you decide to implement i would apreciate a free licence for my PC

Best regards

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Re: Prefetch Request

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Sorry for the late reply and thank you for the suggestion!
Actually I think this is one of most wanted features if you review previous posts. I have to say that such features related to dedicated files/folders won't be implemented soon, but we do have the plans for these features and may implement them in future.
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