Suggestion: Restrict cache to small random reads

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Suggestion: Restrict cache to small random reads

Post by EricL »

In order to implement a "hybrid drive" style solution, as I believe is the intent with L2 cache, the cache should be able to differentiate between large sequential and small random reads. In order to be effective, the cache should restrict itself to small random reads (at least in the L2) in order to prevent the cache from being saturated with reads of large, sequential files (such as video). This is standard on other caching software, such as ExpressCache and Intel's Smart Response Technology. It is also the standard on operating system caches such as ReadyBoost on Windows or bcache on Linux.

As an additional feature, this could be made a configurable option, allowing the user to decide the maximum number of sequential blocks to be cached. Also, sequential would be defined as not only blocks in sequential order on the disk, but also requested in sequential order, to prevent requests for small adjacent files from being excluded.

I believe this feature is essential for PrimoCache to be competitive with other block-level caching solutions.


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Re: Suggestion: Restrict cache to small random reads

Post by support »

Hi EricL,

Thanks for the suggestions!

Actually we also have such considerations, as well as other possible improvements. It will take some time to implement these improvements. We'll try it.

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