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best Practices for improving cache rate %

Posted: Sat Feb 08, 2020 9:39 pm
by Shadowarez
hi all i was wondering alot of the systems iv built in past have seen huge improvements from using Primocache as most systems ppl want arent like my Monolithic Monster, most the systems have this setup for storage,

1. 512gb m.2 or higher (OS)
2. pcie ssd 400ggb-1.2tb (intel 750) (Steam)
3. 6-14tb HDD (Main Storage)
4.16-32 gb ram

i have been gettin good results with 1-2gb ram cache and using a portion of the pcie ssd as its normally 400+gb least has been last 3 systems. i setup 32gb of the pcie ssd + 1-2 gb of ram depening if the client went with 16-32gb of ram,

i was wondering whats a more optimal setting to get 90+% cache hit rates in this software, these systems have been primarily gaming with the occasional light office duty work.

ill post pics soon as i can so can see how im configuring these,

Re: best Practices for improving cache rate %

Posted: Sun Feb 09, 2020 2:46 am
by Jaga
It depends on what you want the 90%+ hitrates on: the OS, or the game(s). I give Primocache 44GB out of 64, and split that 44 up into two cache tasks: one with 16GB on the OS drive, and one with 28GB on a special partition just used for 1-2 games. Both my OS and my gaming partition get very high hitrates (the gaming one typically hovers around 98%).

You could do something very similar, since you have a M.2 for your OS: give one Primcache L1 task ~2-4 GB of memory for the OS, and give a second task ~6-16 GB of memory for a gaming partition on your PCIE SSD. It really boils down to how much RAM you can devote to Primocache, and if you are willing to setup a separate partition for gaming. I only did this type of configuration recently (within the last ~6 months), but it works far better than using a single cache task that covers your entire C: drive.

Re: best Practices for improving cache rate %

Posted: Sun Feb 09, 2020 4:23 am
by Shadowarez
oh ok well ill have to give that a shot i have a few games like ARk/Destiny 2 thats been requested on this machines, on my own rig i have a optane 905p 380gb as os, and a 900p 280gb U.2 drive i been using not sure if this would even require acceleration on the 280gb, or if i could devote some ram and just help the os drive. but it feels plenty fast as is.