Cache warming utility?

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Re: Cache warming utility?

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support wrote:
Tue Apr 07, 2020 8:48 am
@horizon, yes, we are now starting to support file-related features. Sorry for the slow progress as we have many tasks to do.
Awesome, good to know...
Other than this... I believe, the key is to find the good use cases in enterprise area... There, on the desktops, virtual desktops, servers the small improvement (e.g. in logon times, boot times, storage system relief) could have a massive positive impact on costs and infrastructure load. (For example: Using primocache for IOPS shaping, which is dynamicallydriven by the responsiveness of storage system could be a killer feature.) There are PLENTY of such features.
Obviously, this would have to be complemented by logging and monitoring capabilities. (e.g. having a Splunk app allowing to visualise measured values and calculate the benefits.)
As a side effect, this might allow to keep the "community version" as a free product... Just thinking... :)

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