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Need help with settings please

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 12:00 am
by happyluckbox
My setup:
1950x threadripper
128gb tridentz ram
1tb samsung 960 pro SSD (main os/games etc)
8tb seagate barracuda HDD (storage)

Im interested in utilizing my extra ram, as I have just gobs of it that are unused outside of when I need it for certain work programs.
Mostly I'm interested in speeding up my main SSD, as well as reducing the amount of excess reads done to it.

Im currently using the following settings:

Lvl1 cache
OS Managed Memory 61312 mb
(Is this too big of a cache? I noticed its using half my avail ram, but I still have 58gb still available)

Lvl2 cache
N/A (should i use this for my hard disk? I don't want excessive writes on my ssd, I figured using ssd as lvl2 cache for the seagate hdd would put more writes on the ssd)

Block size 4kb

Cache Strategy read-data & write-data

Defer-Write is Disabled (Don't want to risk corruption to my OS, I wouldnt mind using this if somebody can show me how to backup my OS nightly, preferablly onto the hdd)

Prefetch last Cache and Start at windows boot enabled, lock cache content disabled.
(Am I right in assuming this will help speed load programs that I usually autoload at boot?)

Thanks for any help here

Re: Need help with settings please

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 11:04 am
by happyluckbox
Also, another related question:
Since I have so much ram, I decided to set 40gb as dedicated lvl 1 cache for the ssd, and 20gb as dedicated lvl 1 cache for the hdd.

Isnt this better than setting the ssd as lvl 2 cache for the hdd? Also keeps wear and tear off the ssd as much as possible?

One issue ive noticed however, is that I am unable to use windows backup and restore with this setup. It keeps erroring out, either saying the destination drive could not be found, or that a file could not be found/missing.

Re: Need help with settings please

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 6:36 am
by l0rdraiden
Use only 1 L1 cache of 60 GB or whatever you want for both the HD and SSD. This would be the most effective.
Probably you won't fill it easily.

For OS backups (image) try macrium reflect is quite easy to use and it has a free version.