Windows 7 Bootup Issue, My Experience Might Help Others

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Windows 7 Bootup Issue, My Experience Might Help Others

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I just want to share an issue I experienced today and am sharing it so that if people have the same issue they know how to deal with it.

Firstly I have been using PrimoCache for many years and run it on all of my office PCs. I have had very few problems.

My main system is a Windows 7 PC. I went to reboot today and it wouldn't reboot. It went into the Startup repair prompt. It couldn't correct the issue and my system still wouldn't boot up. I tried system restore, running a chkdsk /r and nothing would enable to the system to boot up.

I should have seen the clue where the the start up issue diagnosis said that I might have changed hardware recently but I ignored it. I hadn't added any hardware but the clue was still there.

6 hours later I went into Dell repair and was just about to do a factory restore but then I had a idea to disconnect my SSD that had the PrimoCache L2 file. So I did that and my system booted up perfectly like nothing at all was wrong.

So I removed the cache configuration, reconnected the SSD and the system started perfectly again. I went ahead and reconfigured a cache task and all was back to normal again.

So it seems that the L2 cache had somehow become corrupted and it wouldn't allow my system to boot up. The same thing happened a few years ago and I did unfortunately at that time do a complete factory reset. Now knowing what I learned yesterday I wish I hadn't.

So for users whose system won't start and goes into the StartUp repair and that doesn't fix it. Just disconnect your SSD that has the L2 Cache andyour system will most likely boot normally. Then remove the cache task and L2 cache and reconfigure and you should be good to go.

Another tip, in the past I did have a few rare issues with some system volumes when I had defer write active on the C: drive. I have a policy where I no longer do write delay caching on my system drives and have never had any issues since.

I hope this experience helps others.

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Re: Windows 7 Bootup Issue, My Experience Might Help Others

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Thank you very much for your sharing your experience! I think it's very helpful to others.
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