Ramdisk small block low speed.

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Re: Ramdisk small block low speed.

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Apologies about mistaking SSP, though if Windows Defender (WD) is your only scanner, you should consider replacing or supplementing it with other security software (this is very much a topic for another thread though).

The System properties look OK with fancyrd.sys having 8 threads to correspond with the queue size of that CDM benchmark. It might be worth rerunning with WD disabled (disconnect from the Internet when doing this to limit risk to your system) since, according to this File Copy Benchmark (the "Results and Findings" section at the end), Windows 8 file access was significantly slowed down by WD, so the same is likely to apply to Win10.

However the same site has a Ramdisk Benchmark (sorry Romex, Primo not included!) and the ratio between sequential and random 4K does appear more in line with your results (my experience was based on an earlier version of CDM which I keep to compare with old results) so it seems that CDM is now much more demanding with random read/writes.
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Re: Ramdisk small block low speed.

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@SysVR, it takes some time to switch threads, so for 4KB access, sometimes it might not be good to use multiple threads for queues. For eg. switching threads might take 3us (just for demonstration purposes, data might not correct), while read/write a 4KB data only takes 2us. Using a single thread might get a better result instead.
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