Problem with Dynamic Memory Management

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Problem with Dynamic Memory Management

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Recently I installed Primo RamDisk on my PC (Windows 10 Pro) which has 64GB RAM.

I set the disk size to 48GB, and – important for me – “Dynamic Memory Management”. This is a very valuable feature I am very pleased with. Once in operation, when the Ramdisk got filled with say 30GB of data, the remaining amount of free RAM was around 33GB.
After a few days, I saved the disk content to an image file for the first time, closed down Primo Ramdisk, re-started Primo Ramdisk and associated the image file. As expected, the content of the image file was properly loaded to the Ramdisk.
However, Dynamic Memory Management does not seem to work any more – the size of the Ramdisk always is 48GB all the time, although the total data within the image file is only 21GB. So, the free RAM is only 13GB (instead of around 42GB in this case).
In fact, I was wondering anyway why the size of the image file was 48GB, while the content of the Ramdisk to be saved to the image file was only 21GB.
To make sure, I checked the setting – and there is, as should be, a check at “Dynamic Memory Management”. But, as said, it does not seem to work any longer.

The reason why I chose Primo Ramdisk was the convenience of the Dynamic Memory Management. So does this work only in the very first step when putting up the Ramdisk for the first time, but no longer once the content is saved to an image file and then this image file is associated with the Ramdisk? I don’t think that is the design, is it?
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Re: Problem with Dynamic Memory Management

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When using with image files, you may need the "compact" image format and enable the compact mode with "Dynamic Memory Management". Besides, the file system on the ramdisk needs to be NTFS.
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