MVMe disks raid 0 - a benefit for a cache?

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MVMe disks raid 0 - a benefit for a cache?

Post by ianmozzy »


here is my computer spec:
Windows 10 2004
3600X CPU
ASUS B550-E gaming motherboard
32GB DDR4 3200 cl14 memory
GTX 1080 ti CPU
2 x ADATA 256 GB MvMe SX8200 PRo

4TB sata SSD storage.

Presently One drive has windows and the other has linux.
I may use another machine for linux and just use it for windows only

Presently I use a 150GB partition as a cache on the windows drive.
It caches 4TB of sata SSD drives.

I want to:
Reinstall the OS in RAID 0 NVMe with about 120GB used for the operating system. The rest I use as a cache for primocache.

I am aware of the risks of using raid 0.

I use windows for games only so it will be a gaming machine.

I am maybe looking to get the flight sim 2020 and it needs very fast storage.

Is anyone doing anything similar?

The minimum raid allowed block size I think is 64k.
Would that mean the primocache size should be 128k.
When a block is read/written I guess both are at once.
Is that a reasonable assumption?

Useful info appreciated.

Thank you
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Re: MVMe disks raid 0 - a benefit for a cache?

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Usually RAID0 is about 10%~15% faster than a single drive on disk-intensive applications. But it significantly increases the risk of data loss over a single-disk system. So generally it is not worth using RAID0. However, since your machine is a gaming machine and requires very fast storage, you may try it.
It is better to make the cache size equal to the file system cluster size in target volumes. However because your target drive is 4TB drive which is very large. You may have to choose a large block size to reduce cache memory overhead. Using 128KB block size may be a good choice.
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