Help a Newbie Install. Will give MONEY!

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Help a Newbie Install. Will give MONEY!

Post by CeramicsMaker »

Hello, Everyone,

I need help and if you provide it, I can provide you with a small bit of monetary compensation and a whole lot of gratitude and karma. ;)

If a wise one here can answer and solve the following questions/issues, I will be your loyal student forever.

1. Can you tell me and prove to me which ramdisk software is the best? (You can private message me if you feel uncomfortable.)
a. OSFMount
b. Primo Ramdisk
c. DiskMaster Free
d. Gillisoft RAMDisk
e. Primo RAMDisk
f. SuperSpeed RAMDisk
g. VSuite RAMDisk
h. RAMDiskXP
I. Qilling Disk Master Pofessional
j. Ultra RAMDisk
k. Miray RAM Drive
l. Any others...

2. After reading any answers (if I get any at all), I'll pick a ramdisk software. Could someone help me install it?

I've tried installing a ramdisk about 3-4 times and I've screwed up on all of them. I must be an idiot. I bricked my computer once. And, the other times, they were very unpleasant experiences. If you are a guru and can help me, I will give you.......$30? Is that enough for 30-60 minutes of worth of helping a dumb-dumb like me?

This is what I want to do. I have about 64 gigs of RAM that I installed for the following purpose.

I want to put the appropriate cache's on the ramdisk to make my computer go faster. That's obvoius. But I also want to install the following programs onto the ramdisk:
1. Microsoft Office
2. Nuance Power PDF Advanced
3. Chrome

Throughout the day, I completely terminate and then open these programs. So, they don't ever completely remain in RAM. But, since I open them up again so many times, things would go so much faster if I load them onto the RAMDisk. The biggest annoyance is Power PDF. It sometimes takes like 10 seconds to open a pdf. It would be nice if it was instantaneous.

Anyone up to the challenge!!!

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Re: Help a Newbie Install. Will give MONEY!

Post by Support »

You have to check the option "Backing Image" in the ramdisk configuration, otherwise the content in the ramdisk will be lost because data are stored in RAM.
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