[Aug 31] Primo Ramdisk Standard Edition 5.0.2 available

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[Aug 31] Primo Ramdisk Standard Edition 5.0.2 available

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Primo Ramdisk is the 2nd generation of our ramdisk product. It provides more features and friendlier user interface than VSuite Ramdsik. It also optimizes data access to improve performance, as well as fixed some bugs in VSuite Ramdisk.

Currently Primo Ramdisk Standard Edition 5.0.2 has been available. Major changes compared with VSuite Ramdisk Standard Edition are listed as follows.
1) Supports desktop windows OSes (Windows XP/Vsita/7).
2) Maximum ramdisk size is up to 8GB.
3) Total memory size which can be used as ramdisks is up to 8GB.
4) Supports Unified Invisible Memory Management Interface.
5) Supports dynamic memory management which supports to release memory when files were deleted. (Note: the memory release feature requires Windows 7 and NTFS ramdisks.)
6) Integrates some utilities to easily use ramdisks.
7) Enhances performance.
8) Creates ramdisks at very early stage during computer boot.
9) Does not support the image feature any longer. The image feature will be supported in the advanced editions such as professional/server edition.

More information and help will be coming at our website soon.

Note: Primo Ramdisk can coexist with VSuite Ramdisk, so you might not have to uninstall VSuite Ramdisk.

Primo Ramdisk Standard Edition 5.0.2 can be downloaded from here.
MD5 (Primo.Ramdisk.Std.Setup.5.0.2.exe): b8d22cfc6fec2621eee9745c1fa3aa0e
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Re: [Aug 31] Primo Ramdisk Standard Edition 5.0.2 available

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If i understand it correctly, the VSuite Ramdisk will be replaced with Primo Ramdisk?
If so, when will Primo Ramdisk Professional be released?
Thank you in advance!
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