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ARC algorithm instead of LRU?

Post by Nina »

Why not implement ARC algorithm (Adaptive Replacement Cache) into FancyCache instead of LRU technique to increase cache hit rate?..
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Re: ARC algorithm instead of LRU?

Post by magic-man »

Although ARC is a bit more effecient than LRU (since it is a balance between LFU and LRU), one issue that I can see is that IBM patented ARC and would likley frown upon its use without payment... I for one would like to see the cost of the software kept as low as possible...

More background on different cache strategies:
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Re: ARC algorithm instead of LRU?

Post by shadovv »

Why not implement the ZFS ARC implementation instead?
No IBM patents to content with.
Here's an excellent article explaining what/how ZFS implements it's awesome caching. ... ent-cache/
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