[Mar. 22] FancyCache Beta 0.6.1 published

First hand news related to FancyCache
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[Mar. 22] FancyCache Beta 0.6.1 published

Post by support »

1) Add an option "Averaging Write Amount" for Defer-Write: If ticked, the algorithm for Defer-Write works as FC 0.6.0, otherwise it works as FC 0.5.0. (Default: not ticked)
2) Fix bug: possible hang while flushing writes if Defer-Write enabled. (This bug was only in FC 0.6.0)
3) Statistics Monitor: Add an item "Writes Deferred".
Writes Deferred = Deferred Write Bytes / Total Write Bytes * 100%

Note: Users who prefer FC 0.6.0 shall tick option "Averaging Write Amount" if Defer-Write enabled.

The new version can be downloaded from the below,

FancyCache (Disk Edition) 0.6.1, md5 (FancyCache.Disk.Setup.0.6.1.exe): 550de9f0c3616965e0d610873f35463e
http://www.romexsoftware.com/download/b ... .Setup.zip

FancyCache (Volume Edition) 0.6.1, md5 (FancyCache.Volume.Setup.0.6.1.exe): c6cc902817d93b1be3f54dee02b4e995
http://www.romexsoftware.com/download/b ... .Setup.zip
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Re: [Mar. 22] FancyCache Beta 0.6.1 published

Post by pgpayton »

Good news for hearing new version released especially for bug fixed.

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Re: [Mar. 22] FancyCache Beta 0.6.1 published

Post by magic-man »

This one is a DEFINATE WINNER!!!!!!!!

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Re: [Mar. 22] FancyCache Beta 0.6.1 published

Post by JReynolds »

As magic says this is a real winner - please keep up the good work. Be assured I'll be buying a license when you go into production :)

I'm getting increasingly confident in the use of FancyCache. I'm an SSD enthusiast and running FC with deferred write really helps keep Snadforce SSDs in prime health.

Thank you, JR

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Re: [Mar. 22] FancyCache Beta 0.6.1 published

Post by intika »

Really good job with this one... !!!!!!!!! look line RC Version lol :p
SuperSpeed Company look like amateur lol and their equivalent soft seems to be SuperAlpha comparing to FancyCache lol :p
i'm really happy and surprised that Acronis bug is fixed... :)
Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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