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Suggestion: Revert to the saved image

Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2013 8:25 am
by Bilal
Hi there,

I'm not used to voluntary write on the web but because Romex Ramdisk is wonderful program that when compared with others competitors I've found it is the best.
I see it still missing an important feature, Revert/Reload to the saved image file.

I do sometimes many changes on the files on the RAMDisk for testing purposes (without saving to the image file), then I want sometime to go back to the original files saved on the image file, there is no option to REVERT the Ramdisk to the contents of the image file.

So I have to restart my computer so that the image file will reloaded again, I've found another way to create two image files, the original A, and any other B but with the same size (by saving for example the RAM disk to a second dummy image file), then I associate the RAMDisk with image B, after that I re-associate to the image A, so image A will be reloaded without the need to restart my computer.

I found this is time consuming and it is better to have an option to RELOAD/ REVERT the image file , and the button will be available (active) only if the RAMDisk is associated with an image file.

Looking for a new version with this feature.

Best Regards.