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Help Configure PrimoCache

Post by NIK1 » Sun Nov 10, 2019 4:41 pm

I have PrimoCache installed for the first time and would like some help in configuring it.My SSD main OS drive is a M2 Samsung 950 Pro 512 GB and my PC has 16 gigs of memory.I resized my drive C on my M2 950 Pro and created a 64 gig partition for the cache drive.This is all I have done so far.All of the other settings I am not familiar such as should I use L1 cache and if yes how much memory, OS Managed Memory shows 6656mb ? Should this be used or a smaller amt or should I even enable L1 cache at all on a M2 SSD.Also where it says select volumes to be cached.My son plays the World of Tanks game and there is a separate partition cut from the 950 pro M2 that has this game on the drive.Do I select drive C and the World of Tanks drive both together when selecting the volumes to be cached.Any help in configuring my settings for the best configuration will be greatly appreciated..
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Re: Help Configure PrimoCache

Post by support » Mon Nov 11, 2019 6:03 am

L2 cache is designed to accelerate slow drives by a fast drive. So if you only want to accelerate the drive C: and H:, there is no need to use L2 since these drives are on a very fast SSD.

For the L1 cache size, generally speaking, the larger the cache size, the better the cache performance. However, you shall leave enough memory for Windows and other applications to run and not use up all available memory. I guess the game World of Tanks might require much memory, so maybe you may try 4GB memory for L1 cache. You can manually type the L1 cache size you want.

If your C drive and H drive don't contain any personal data and well backup-ed, you may enable L1 (RAM) Defer-Write for them. Defer-Write will increase writing performance a lot and reduce writes to the underlying disk. For more details about Defer-Write, please see ... on.html#dw
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